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Amber Profile

Amber Dodd BPsychSC, PGDip EDSec, MSc Math

Client Program Manager

Cultural Cyber Security

Amber Dodd is a cyber intelligence specialist with a difference. A rare blend of science and psychology meets criminal profiling through immersion. Amber has refined her profiling and defensive intelligence skills within the cyber space and paired this with her natural flair for public speaking and education to become a powerhouse asset for assessing, developing, and implementing cultural change within the obstacles of organisational confinement.  

With a passion for empowering people and overcoming challenges, Amber began her career in analysing cyber-criminality in 2008, as a research student with the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory where she completed her Masters in Mathematics and Statistics. Her research focused upon the statistical profiling of cyber scams and its victims which led toward the mathematical modelling of cybercriminal architecture.  Amber is a peer reviewed researcher and a Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Best Paper Award winner.

Prior to partnering with Cultural Cyber Security, Amber worked as a Cyber Education Specialist within the Cyber Security Team of a Federal Agency, working alongside a variety of SOC teams, where she developed her organisational awareness and implemented intelligence informed education assets, embedding them within operational and business-as-usual environments. Preceding this, Amber was an intelligence analyst for Corrections Victoria where she developed subject matter expertise in organised crime, criminal operations and its architecture, and the criminal mindset. She has detailed experience in identifying, intercepting, disrupting, and exploiting models of organised crime, which provides the foundation for her success in providing threat detection, incident response and recovery advisement.

Amber is also good at teaching Yoga and Meditation. Just ask her how 😊

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