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Cyber Safe Culture

Grow your people and grow your success

Do you want to change your organisation’s culture into a more highly-performing, conscious-care, security aware state?  


Does everyone know the core goals and objectives upon which you want them to focus?  


Are all your people, divisions and teams aligned and pulling in the same direction?  


Does everyone in the organisation know where they are now in terms of culture and where they need to be in order to achieve success?  


Do you understand the linkage between your organisational culture and your level of cyber security?

Organisations invest millions of dollars in their “Digital Transformation” journey but nothing in their people then wonder why the uptake and difference isn’t what it should be.  It’s vital that in order to maximise the return on this investment that your biggest investment, your people, are part of this journey from the beginning.   Cultural Cyber Security believes that a strong and healthy organisational culture drives:


  • Digital Transformation

  • High Performance

  • Cyber Security  


If you want to improve your performance, your change management practices, and your cyber security, the place to start is with a cultural diagnosis!

We gather, analyse, interpret and report on the existing and desired culture of the target organisation. We use two models that distinguish between four types of organisational culture (Adhocracy, Clan, Market and Hierarchy) and between four levels of cyber-culture maturity (reactive, conforming, achieving and high-performing), supplemented by open-ended questions tailored to the specific needs of the client organisation.

The cultural analysis process is customised to suit your specific questions and circumstances, and it typically involves a series of interviews with a number of employees from a representative cross-section of the organisation. 


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