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Proactive Strategy

Transforming your security from technology led reactive to proactive

Digital Transformation ... Installation vs Implementation

Is your organisation on a journey of Digital Transformation?

Have you invested in a culture program to ensure “Implementation” not just “Installation”?

Have you installed your software or hardware solution and found that only a small fraction of its capabilities are being used?

Are only a limited number of people taking advantage of your installed software and hardware solutions?

Is your product-offering up for renewal and you are worried your customers are not fully realising its potential?

Just because your technology is installed and operational, does not mean it has been fully implemented. Cultural Cyber Security constantly comes across clients who have invested millions of dollars in their security and technology programs only to later realise they are using 10-15% of the capability and functionality. This is “Installation”and is providing minimal benefit to the organisation.  You want full “Implementation” where your investment is being maximised across the environment.


It’s vital to get your people on this journey from the beginning! Not only will a culture program ensure early adoption, but it will grow a higher performing culture. The integration of cyber security behaviours will yield even more benefits across your business! In this workshop, you will learn the differences between installation and implementation.


You will learn how to customise your implementation plans to help ensure full user acceptance and utilisation. You will learn the secret to turning your failed change efforts into implementation success-stories. Organisations invest millions of dollars in their “Digital Transformation” journey but they invest nothing in their people, then wonder why the uptake is not what it should be.


To maximise the return on your technology investment, your biggest asset, your people, must be part of this journey.


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