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Intelligence Led

Utilising intelligence to transform your security to a proactive state

Cybercriminals want what you have!


Did you know it has been reported that the average time taken for a breach to be detected is 206 days?


That the average time taken to remediate a significant breach is 69 days?


What if you could find that data within days of being stolen rather than 206?


What if you could find out of an impending attack before it happens?


What if you could remediate threats on the fly with the click of a button?

Organised Crime is the driving force behind the vast majority of cybercrime.  The purpose of Organised Crime?  To make money!


That money is made when your stolen data is commoditised, traded and sold in the Dark Markets.  The Dark Markets are where hundreds of sites and forums exist for the global exchange of international data, identities, financial records, Intellectual Property, drugs and a myriad of other goods.  It is the pinnacle of “Crime as a Service” where every aspect of cybercrime can be bought, hired or exchanged.  The enormous growth over the years of these markets will continue to flourish unabated.  They have been described as the greatest aggregated effort of organised crime the world has ever seen!


Cultural Cyber Security understands that every system can and will be breached and risk management is an intrinsic element.  If Dark Market scanning is part of your risk assurance program you have a chance of detecting that breach within 3 days NOT 206!  This harm minimisation is a significant benefit to your organisation.  Additionally, neutralisation of impending attacks and threats not yet activated provides excellent proactive defences.


Dark Market Scanning provides the intelligence your organisation needs to mature into a proactive security proposition, not staying with the pack in a “reactive” mode.


Protect your brand and reputation.  Let Cultural Cyber Security be part of your risk assurance program by scanning the Dark Markets 24 / 7 for your valuable data. Would you like to know today…. Or in 7 months time?

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