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Lifecycle of Cybercrime

How can your security strategy grow profitability?

Reduce risk?

Enhance client trust?

Reduce fraud?


Increase operating efficiencies?

Could your organisation benefit from a Lifecycle of Cybercrime Workshop or Security Strategy review?


Cultural Cyber Security believes that the modern security strategy is built around:


  • Business outcomes

  • Risk management

  • People

From the beginning we’ve been looking for a technical solution to a perceived technical problem. But it is not! The technologies that attack our organisations every day is primarily driven by organised crime interests seeking to make money. 


Understanding the Lifecycle of Cybercrime and understanding our enemy is paramount to our defence. Technology is merely the tool not the strategy!

Cultural Cyber Security believe in a strategy that is proactive not reactive, one that is defined by being intelligence-led and that positions itself across the business where it can add value in a myriad of ways and not harboured away in a vertical silo.

Find out today how you can drive business and security in a symbiotic relationship towards greater organisational safety and success!


You will find the original 'Lifecycle of Cybercrime' paper presented by Brian Hay in the CCS Blog here

For further information or assistance please
contact Brian Hay by email


Lifecycle of Cybercrime Workshop

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