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The modern security proposition is based on business outcomes, risk management and people.


We believe that your people are the essence of your secure success, they support your technology. 


Technology is merely the tool.
Be proactive and intelligence-led to enable evidence based decisions.​

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We transform your organisation's greatest cyber security vulnerability into your greatest organisational strength - your people and culture

Cyber Security Specialists


Cultural Transformation

Your biggest security risk is not your hardware or software … technology is not the problem nor the sole solution to cybercrime.


By transforming your organisational culture to a high-performance security-oriented culture, you increase your staff productivity, performance and morale. 

We make cyber security personal, relevant and important to all staff.

We help increase communication and personal responsibility.
We focus on integrity and commitment so every aspect of your organisation benefits. 

Cultural Cyber Security Executive Directors have a wealth of cyber security experience to help you and your organisation to greatly reduce your exposure to cyber-threats and harm.

CCS Strategic Consulting

More responsible Corporate Governance - CCS provides ongoing cultural cyber security services helping to further protect the interests of the directors, shareholders and staff. 

CCS Intelligence

Our Third party independent penetration testing evaluations can be used as a double check of  your existing security system without the need to involve existing IT staff. 


State of the art dark web scanning, designed to detect company and customer data before it is sold or a ransom situation evolves. Mitigating losses as much as possible with early detection to reduce ‘awareness time’ from hundreds of days, to months or weeks.

Regular reports can be made available as information is discovered, or on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis as needs and budgets allow.

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