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AusCERT2023 - Cyber Criminals and Serial Killers - Brian Hay

Understanding the tactics, techniques, and procedures employed by adversaries is crucial

for grasping one's defense or countermeasures. Serial killers constitute a heavily scrutinized group within criminal studies, with research uncovering insights into personality traits, psychosis, methodologies, and offense signatures. However, there's an unexplored parallel in applying similar analyses to the realm of cybercriminals. By dissecting criminal methodologies, motivations, and execution strategies, we can enhance our defense mechanisms against cyber threats. This discussion aims to stimulate reflection and discussion, shedding light on the deeper aspects of offender psychology and behavior. Effective defense extends beyond addressing vulnerabilities and implementing patching protocols; it necessitates understanding human motivations, target selection processes, and methodological adaptations. Acquiring insight into the mindset of adversaries can significantly bolster one's defense strategy.

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