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CRISIS MANAGEMENT RESPONSE: Ransomware - The War You Can't Lose!

This webinar will explore dissect, analyse and critique the crisis management of a ransomware attack scenario. The scenario will unfold and our expert will carefully evaluate what each phase means; how this affects critical thinking and decision making, what options may, could or should be considered; and debate the issues of preparation, planning, execution and review.

The panel brings together an extraordinary and diverse and of specialists to afford an insight into how we manage a critical event. An event not to be missed.

Discussions will include:

  • Watch and listen as a 4 phase approach rolls out to the panel challenging them each and every step of the way

  • Identification of the salient points, how to recognise, how to manage, how to respond

  • Communications – critical messages at critical times

  • Risk – defining and prioritising the risk on an everchanging threat landscape

  • Legal – what are the legislative and regulatory imperatives ?

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