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Why Culture Eats Technology for Breakfast

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, understanding the intricate dance between culture and technology is more crucial than ever. Our expert-led webinar delves deep into the symbiotic relationship between organisational culture and technological innovation, illuminating why culture consistently outpaces technology in importance.

Who should watch?

  • CISO’s and Security Managers

  • Business Leaders & Managers

  • DevOps Team

  • HR Professionals & Organisational Developers

  • Anyone keen on the nexus of culture and technology in organisational settings

Key Takeaways:

Decipher the Dynamics
  • Learn how organisational culture shapes and is shaped by technology. Appreciate that your people are your greatest line of defence.

Success Stories
  • Discover real-world examples where culture has led to high performance and risk reduction.

Strategy Development
  • Gain insights into developing a culture that not only adapts to but also leverages technological advancements.

Leadership Insights
  • Understand the role of leadership in nurturing a culture that embraces and enhances technology.

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