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CISO & IT Managers Leadership Development Workshop

We need to invest in the leadership, management, strategy and cultural skills of our CISO and IT people. We need our skilled IT professionals to break through the glass ceiling and start seeing themselves as strategic leaders inside their organisation - not limited to IT!

This event will seek to provide IT and cybersecurity professionals with:

  • An insight into the leadership skills they need to expand their career horizons

  • An appreciation of how to communicate more effectively to the C-level suite and to board members

  • Understand the value of a meaningful strategy that aligns purposefully to the business

  • How to become an influencer across the business and to break down the silos that exist inside organisations

  • To build their self-confidence in horizons not previously considered

CCS will be conducting such a workshop to deliver these insights at our CISO Leadership Development Event in Brisbane on 26 September, 2018. Please message me if you would like further information - spaces are limited!

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