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Awareness Vs Culture - What's the difference?

The headline of “Cyber security awareness” reads everywhere – but is it enough? Is “awareness” a compliance mentality? What is the difference between being “aware” and being “culturally adept”?

Does a 10 minute online training module once a year make you “aware”? When does “awareness” become “culture”? Is “awareness” a state, and is culture the “journey”? Why is it that sometimes you know you shouldn’t… but you do? What techniques can we adapt in order to be cyber safe and “adept”?

We will explore these questions and more as we deep dive into human behaviours, corporate perceptions and individual attitudes – all incredibly important as you seek to gain an insight into your organisation and where you sit today!

Discussions will include:

  • The difference between awareness and culture

  • The timeframes and effort involved in achieving both

  • Insider threats

  • Building culture with a remote workforce

  • When is awareness sufficient?

  • Should compliance be the floor or the ceiling?

  • Is it awareness or culture that reflects leadership?


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