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Cyber Safety - A Survivor's Journey

Meet Jill, running a small interior design business, happily married, 2 wonderful daughters, financially successful - life was good. Then one day her business received a request to bid to design the new Children’s Ward in an African Hospital. Jill’s life changed forever. Hear this incredible story how Jill fell into the world of socially engineered deceit, travelled to world to the warehouses in Amsterdam to meet her Nigerian fraudsters, how she lost everything – including her family – but she survived. Not only did Jill survive she became an advocate for those fallen prey to the evil in the world that sit to take advantage of people’s trust. The trust they have in the internet, technology, and humanity. Jill’s journey of survival is an incredible story and her lessons stand at the heart of good cyber safety and cyber security.

Some areas of discussion will include:

  • The extent that cyber criminals will research their target

  • The pervasiveness and depths of social engineering

  • The difference between a victim and a survivor

  • How one's pain and suffering can be converted into strength, courage and protection of others

  • How prevention rules above response

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