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Phishing Simulations - Maximising Your Investment

Many organisations around the country have invested in a variety of phishing simulation platforms – but how many are fully utilising their investment and are extracting maximum return for their organisation. How many are using the metrics available from such a valuable tool and truly interpreting the value of those metrics from actions to behaviours, to cultural insights? How many are failing to feed the results back into their holistic cyber awareness programs? Learn the tips, tricks, techniques to maximise your investment.

This session will be vital if you are considering acquiring a phishing simulator or looking to get more bang for buck from the investment you’ve already made.

Discussion will include:

  • Case studies of successful phishing platforms

  • Case studies of unsuccessful phishing platforms

  • Understanding the value of good metrics

  • The importance of maintaining a positive experience for staff

  • Why practice makes perfect (nearly)

  • How many times a year should you run phishing campaigns?

  • The effectiveness of phishing as your only awareness tool

  • How to get the executives onboard


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