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  • James Carlopio

Beware AI: Savior, devil or a bit of both

We are all well-aware that AI is becoming more and more popular, accessible and useful. History provides many examples of how we can do more with less, more quickly, when we automate and AI is no exception. Hand-tools gave way to power lathes which in turn have been replaced by CNC machines then more sophisticated machine tools. In cyber security we are see this play out both in positive and in negative ways.

Since we have been keeping records of it, we have seen that only about 5% of breaches have been attributed to system and technical failures (95% are always related to people and that is why we focus on Cultural Cyber Security see AI is growing in useful application to cyber defence. AI promises to provide a massive increase in cyber security potential. The problem for cyber security professionals is that cyber criminals will also gain access to AI. The inevitable consequence is that AI attacks will continue to be come more sophisticated, more automated, and eventually, our AI defences will be battling their AI attacks at astonishing speeds and frequencies.

The point of this post is to remind us that we must, therefore, continue to invest in new defensive technologies, such as AI, simply in order to stay even. Our advantage, if we are going to have one, can only come through people. Remember complacency is the enemy. If we use AI for defence, cyber criminals will counter by using AI to attack. Our only chance is to continue to innovate technically and to continue to invest in educating our people and raising their skills and awareness.

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