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CCS Cultural Cyber Security Executive Director - Brian Hay APM

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

October 18, 17 | Roger Glasson

CCS Cultural Cyber Security Executive Director - Brian Hay APM

Brian Hay APM has a rare blend of cyber security skills and business attributes.  Long considered a Thought Leader in the world of Cyber Security he learned his craft not from the technical demands of the industry but rather by focussing on the activities of organised crime and cyber criminals.  

Having developed the security concept of the “Lifecycle of Cybercrime”” he consults with key clients to understand their business strategies and seeks to assist organisational objectives whilst ensuring the highest levels of security.  His broad environmental awareness and thought leadership expertise seeks to understand the client environment in order to align how CCS can assist in meeting the client’s full spectrum of security requirements, from governance, risk management, compliance and technical consulting, through to technology integration, training and managed services. Recently with Unisys as Lead CISO Advisor APAC, Security he was responsible for managing and developing Unisys’ Security Consulting business for Asia Pacific, while delivering operational and service excellence.  Brian brings a wealth of security experience, and has a proven record of partnering with industry for innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Prior to joining Unisys, Brian was General Manager, Security for Dimension Data, Australia.  Prior to this Brian was Detective Superintendent at Queensland Police, where he served 35 years. Since 2004, he has worked extensively in the area of financial, identity and cybercrime.  He was Commander of the Queensland Police Fraud & Cyber Crime Group, Chair of the Australia New Zealand Police Advisory Agency’s eCrime Working Group, a pivotal driver of the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network, and member of the Federal Attorney-General’s National Cybercrime Working Group. 

In 2009 Brian was the recipient of an international award from McAfee for efforts in combating cybercrime, and the recipient of the Australian Police Medal, and in 2010 he was the recipient of the National AusCERT Award for Individual Excellence in Information Security.  He has a Masters in Public Policy and Administration and former President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Brisbane Chapter). 

Brian is an industry renown and sought-after cybersecurity evangelist, thought leader, public speaker and roundtable facilitator. Here are some of his speaking engagements: •    CFO Symposiums - Australia & New Zealand (2015-17)  •    Navigating Cyber Disruption (2017)  •    Using Threat Intelligence to Drive Business Outcomes, Malaysia (2017)  •    FST Future of Security, Proactively Shaping your Business for the Security Landscape (2017)  •    Cyber Terrorism Conference (2017)  •    CISO Leaders Summit (2017)  •    International Terrorism and Money Laundering Conference, Turkey (2013)  •    Global Credit Card Fraud Summit, Interpol HQ, Lyon, France (2012)  •    Cyber and Identity Crime, New Delhi, India (2012)  •    Security and Mobile Payments, Singapore (2014)  •    AISA Forums and events (ongoing)  •    International Financial Crime Investigator’s Conference, Toronto •    FBI International Crime Conference

Papers by Brian Hay •    The Lifecycle of Cybercrime, CSO Online Publication   •    The Three Pillars of Excellence, CSO Online Publication  •    Overt Vs Covert, CSO Online Publication  •    Mandatory Data Breach Disclosure, CSO Online Publication  •    Responding to organised payment card compromise and subsequent fraud, Brian Hay &

Dr Julianne Webster, published 2014 journal, Griffith University 

"Understanding the 'Lifecycle of Cybercrime' and that security is a business and people risk not a technology conversation. This is crucial in preparing for the continuously developing threat landscape." - Brian Hay 
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